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TikTok— where connections are forged by inviting customers to be more curious

TikTok users spend an average of 95 minutes daily on the app.  Captivating interest is all about sparking their curiosity so they go down your particular rabbit hole.

Users gravitate towards authentic, behind-the-scenes glimpses into company culture, sneak peeks, and real-life testimonials. These bite-sized content pieces serve as enticing invitations to explore further and uncover more about the brand…inviting customers to be more curious.

Let’s look at three UK brands who are getting it right…


Ryanair (@Ryanair)

Ryanair creates curiosity by making users wonder what they will say next. They are surprisingly witty for a big brand. With over 14 million views on their top TikTok, their playful energy really connects with users on a personal level, making them worthy of curiosity.


Waitrose (@waitrose)

Waitrose excels on TikTok by offering behind-the-scenes insights through their employees. Their engaging and entertaining content sparks curiosity and fosters a sense of exclusivity, enticing users to connect with the team.


Gymshark (@Gymshark)

71% percent of 16-24 year-olds use TikTok for fitness and exercise inspiration. Gymshark builds on their initial curiosity by keeping users guessing about their next collaboration. They consistently choose micro-influencers who connect deeply with their customer base, fostering strong relationships built on shared values and a sense of community.


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