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What we do

We help businesses to become more customer-centric

Three big questions we can help you answer:

How customer-centric are we?

We can audit your current position

Where do we want to get to?

We can help you define what customer-centricity means for your business and how you’ll measure it

How do we make this happen?

We can help you plot the journey, prioritise where to focus and help you make progress fast

Everyone has a different startpoint and journey so our work takes different guises. However, all our work sits within the customer-centricity ecosystem:

ccc wheel.png

Spotlight on Closeness

Our closeness strategy​​


Advising on targets, engagement strategies and metrics for long-term corporate Closeness programmes


​​One-off sessions to full-scale programmes:


Feet on the ground – sessions for boards​


Closeness programme delivery – delivering a complete outsourced programme management service from Closeness portal management through to session delivery and programme evaluation


Conferences – bringing to life key customer issues or new strategic thinking at set-piece events


​​New joiners and rising stars programmes – Closeness induction and training programmes

What our clients say...

"Listening to REAL users, with REAL needs and challenges with REAL ideas and solutions to fix it that the numbers and stats cannot tell you - FANTASTIC EXPERIENCE!"



"We now have concrete ideas for everyday work"



"It adds a perspective that you don’t get from traditional research."

"Speaking to customers first-hand gives you confidence and adds colour and authority when you present back to other people in the business."

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