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‘’TCCC are not a market research agency, they are a strategic partner who have provided us with significant support and value in the work they undertake for us.  Their ability to really understand the heart of the challenge, the project aims and deliver the relevant methodology to meet this is fantastic.  They are able to engage seamlessly at all levels across the organisation too, which also inspires additional confidence”.

Head of Commercial & Marketing Insight, British Gas

“It challenged our beliefs about the value of our favoured hi-tech, hi-complexity and highly expensive solution.

The solutions we are working through now are more pragmatic and will have far greater impact on the customer’s experience with us.  To this end, the session has saved an inordinate amount of wasted value and effort.” 

Head of Online Services, British Gas


"As a commercial team, it's so easy to get caught up in the complexity of our own issues. Getting customers into our conference was a real shot of reality.  When customers talked about what they wanted from an energy company of the future, the issues and opportunities snapped into focus big time - it's so much clearer when you see things through customers' eyes.

Everyone came away with a personal resolution to think or act differently. It was a really galvanising experience."

Commercial Director, British Gas

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The Customer Closeness Company have worked with us to develop a new brand vision and values that we are using to drive greater consistency and clarity across our business. Our collaborative process has involved all areas of the business which has resulted in strong stakeholder support at all levels. The brand vision itself has resonated across the business because they’ve helped us to capture what is unique to us at our best and how this is relevant to our stakeholders, particularly customers.
They have also worked with us to develop a new customer experience strategy, using co-creation with our customers and colleagues to drive significant innovation in the way that we manage our customer journey.  As a result of the work, we have restructured the Customer Service function in the business and are developing new digital offerings to enhance the customer experience for our homebuyers” 
Head of Brand, Taylor Wimpey


"Our work with Customer Closeness has fundamentally shifted the extent to which our leaders take into account the customer perspective. On a number of occasions, genuine ‘a-ha’ moments experienced with customers have led to a sharper focus on what matters, better decision-making and re-energised employees.
These moments have tended to stick in our minds in a way that traditional research struggles to do. In addition, creativity is applied to leave-behind mementos such as videos and visual summaries, which has extended the impact of the work. I would have no hesitation in heartily recommending Customer Closeness."
Head of Market Insights, eBay Europe 

What customers say

The session was easy from start to end. The presenters made everyone feel at ease and created an enjoyable atmosphere which allowed for conversation to flow naturally”

It was nice to be listened to and I felt like my comments were valued. Everybody had an equal chance to speak and I feel this is a more impactful way to receive customer feedback for improving services and products in the future"

It was very well organised. We had very good communication before the event and everything was very clear. The person asking the questions spent time with us and made it less daunting”

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