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We believe that successful companies are close to their customers. We love commercial and we love customer but most of all we love the sweet spot where value for both lies.

Too often we see organisations with a number of segmentations or a single segmentation that never leaves the marketing or insight department. However one of the ways to bring the customer into your organisation is via a well EMBEDDED SEGMENTATION.

It is easy for staff to feel DISTANT from their customers. However, if you and your peers have a single view of the customer you can react more quickly to CHANGING NEEDS.

A number of our clients focus on EMBEDDING their segmentations across the business, adding richness at every opportunity. In one example they do this via:

  • Monthly CUSTOMER CLOSENESS SESSIONS that enable over 100 colleagues a month to meet a customer segment. They keep the segment current in a DYNAMIC market by focusing on a hot topic in the business, making the sessions TOPICAL and ACTIONABLE

  • They also invite key segments to company-wide events via video or by bringing in customers to appear on stage so that the whole company can hear what the segments are thinking about at different times of the year

How well is your segmentation embedded in your business?

As always we are happy to talk about how we might help you.


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