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Welcome to the team Heidi Brookes!

Next Step for me: Curiosity, Closeness and Qual

2022 began with a sense of exhilaration (and a healthy dose of nerves). Having had a break from the research industry to bring up my children whilst working in the classroom, the time felt right to re-focus on my career. I was fortunate to enter a recruitment market rich in job opportunities, and clear that I was looking for a role that built on my existing qual experience, with scope to learn new skills.

I knew, from the first read of The Customer Closeness Company recruitment brief, that this was the perfect next step for me. Specialists in customer-centricity, this small group of experienced professionals with backgrounds in some of the finest brand consultancies and client side brands, both excited and raised a certain sense of awe. The mix of Customer Closeness programmes and Curiosity Training, alongside my heartland of qual insight, offered the opportunity for growth I was seeking.

The interview process was efficient and swift, but the level of scrutiny in the questioning reassured me. If the TCCC team could get to the essence of what makes me tick in two breakfast calls, then their ability to get to the core of customer needs was guaranteed.

Two months in and my first impressions feel entirely validated. Qual insight is delivered to an exceptionally high standard, approached with a marketer’s mindset and real ownership of the client challenge from the initial briefing. Customer Closeness programmes with a C-Suite audience for major retailers and financial institutions are weekly happenings. And, a particular highlight for me, generating Curiosity Training has involved more immersion in academic thinking than I’ve had the opportunity to engage with since my time at university.

The appetite for ideas, adopting a curious mindset within the company and being open to new thinking, I have found personally liberating. If you’re reading this and we haven’t spoken for a while...or we’re yet to meet but I seem interested in the same things as you, send me a message. I’d love to hear from all kindred spirits – we can be Peers with Ideas!

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