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I was reunited with Dan Young of Shed Research this year when we both found ourselves in the virtual ‘winners’ enclosure’ at the AURA awards. A long overdue Zoom coffee quickly followed and we realised that in our joint offer we had a winning combination for those business leaders who want to lead at speed.

What both Shed Research and we at The Customer Closeness Company find is that businesses often have the answers; it’s just that they are not portrayed in a way that makes decision making easy and actions fast to follow.

Shed Research are expert in taking data already in the business and analysing it to tell a clear story – it's what Dan won his recent Aura Award for- enabling a business to clearly tell where the value lies to take a business forward. At The Customer Closeness Company we are skilled at galvanising business action.

Dan reminded me of a session that I ran for him when he was Head of Insight at Legal & General… At the end of the session he asked one of the Senior Leaders at the event what they had learnt. I think it explains what I mean rather well:

‘I haven't changed my list of actions, but I have reversed the order of my list’

In my mind, that’s success. So if you want two problems solving…

  1. Clarity about what to do

  2. Getting your team to act on it fast

…why not contact Dan and I?


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