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How to make people think you are more intelligent

I was rereading Tom Kashdan’s book ‘Curious?’ and it occurred to me I should share a qualitative researcher’s trick to immediately increase how intelligent people think you are – it works in your professional and personal life.

Just ask more questions

In ‘Curious?’ Tom cites research that shows that people who are curious and ask questions are thought of as more likeable and intelligent.

Other research shows you should ask for advice. A study published in the journal Management Science found that subjects found other subjects more competent when they asked for advice on a project.

Researchers think it’s because people love a good ego boost. When you ask someone for their advice in a challenging situation or ask questions, it makes that person feel smart. If the person feels smart, they think highly of you. And if they think highly of you, it makes you feel good and confident. It’s a nice cycle of circular ego boosting.

So, boost your IQ, get more curious and ask more questions.

One question you might want to ask is ‘how can I get to know more about The Customer Closeness Company’s Curiosity Training?’


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