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Co-creation is most impactful when it enables a team to own insights and work collaboratively but also enables a team to think more innovatively to solve problems.

The following are some of the ways we got a team to think more creatively leading to their problem being solved in an unexpected way while also being quickly executed:

1)        An interactive inspiration ‘exhibition’ designed to stimulate all the senses and push thinking.

We took inspiration from the world of art.  The exhibition encouraged the teams to taste, touch, listen and smell to create thought-provoking reactions. Some of the experiences included:

·        Provocative projections of real customer photos and stories.

·        Art gallery style displays of disruptive advertising comms from across the world.

·        Global products to indulge in and stretch thinking about what the next ‘new’ might be.

·        A truth tree – exposing guilty secrets that make snacking behaviour contradictory.

·        An ASMR booth, attendees could listen to ASMR clips and read about the science behind ASMR and why it provokes such a sensory reaction.

2)        Teams owned the solutions and were tasked with acting.

The day culminated with the teams presenting their solutions but they were only allowed to present solutions that they had an owner for.  After getting real time builds from other teams the owners were charged with executing the solutions as part of their next round of brand plans due to be finalised in the coming weeks.

Curiosity used in this way turbo charges creativity: enabling teams to challenge the status quo, own the insights and drive action.


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