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Taking Customer Service seriously

We constantly hear from customers that they want to be treated as valued individuals. Here’s a few ways that Tesco Mobile deservedly leads the field in customer satisfaction:

  • They are proactive: Tesco Mobile connects with customers who have recently signed up for its mobile phone service via social media. The day a customer signs up, a task is automatically put in the work queue for a social customer service team member to follow up with them proactively.

  • They look to go above and beyond: When answering a problem or a query, the brand proactively follows up and asks customers if there is anything else they can do to help.

  • They build personal understanding: Tesco Mobile adds relevant customer details such as preferred channel, interests, and previous interactions to customer service notes which makes for more useful human conversations.

Hats off to Tesco Mobile using innovation to get closer to its customers – no wonder its winning awards for customer service.

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