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Welcome to the team Zoe Davies!

I spent first 4 years of my working life within the same agency working on projects for financial services businesses. I progressed quickly and I enjoyed the work – but a niggling feeling left me to wonder if it was time for something new and to test my skills.

So, I began to seek out a new role. I had only ever known what it was like to work at one agency and so I knew this would be the ultimate test in challenging the skills I had developed. I mulled over the types of opportunities I was looking for given the job market was saturated with prospects. I decided I wasn’t looking to switch to a traditional research agency similar to one I had been at before; I was looking for something a bit different.

Enter The Customer Closeness Company (TCCC). Their heartland offering of closeness programmes, supplemented by the offering of curiosity training and traditional insight was what initially sparked my interest. I was less familiar with what closeness and curiosity training entailed and so I was excited at the prospect of expanding my horizons and developing new skills.

I am now 9 months into working with the team. Over this time, I’ve been able to work with a fantastic set of clients and although they come from different industries, they all have a passion for keeping the customer at the heart of their decision making. What really excites and inspires me is that the whole TCCC ethos is to help businesses create customer-centric cultures organisations through the most engaging means possible. This year this is really coming to a head as we are creating a podcast series to help deliver client insights. I believe it won’t end at podcasts, because the team are so invested in helping clients on their journey to becoming “customer obsessed” – so watch this space.

It’s energising working with a team who seem endlessly curious, and I think I’ve caught the curiosity bug! I find myself seeking out the opportunity to read widely and immerse myself in our work. I am thoroughly enjoying working with a team of brilliant individuals, each one of whom I am pleased I can look to for inspiration.


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