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Welcome to the team Lucy Newsum!

This month is a milestone: it marks six months into my new role with The Customer Closeness Company. It felt like a good moment to reflect on my experience.

Starting a new job is always a leap out of your comfort zone. But within the first week I knew I had landed somewhere special. A team that’s passionate, doing high quality work, and with a supportive culture immediately felt energising and inspiring to be part of.

My hope when joining The Customer Closeness Company was to return to the core of what I love: understanding people, how we think and why we behave as we do. The company name was a clue that this would be a good fit!

Then there is the mix of work. Helping businesses become more customer-centric through a combination of Customer Closeness programmes, Curiosity Training and Qualitative Insight offered me an exciting blend of familiarity and growth. Speed dates with customers eating their favourite snacks was a particularly fun highlight of my first few months.

I’ve also enjoyed working with, and learning from, a small group of specialists. It’s a team of experienced professionals who challenge each other and keep each other curious and open to new ideas. Whether that’s customers putting on sleep masks to dream about the future, delivering insights to clients through a podcast, or facilitating a live customer panel for a C-Suite audience, this is a company that brings freshness and quality to everything it does.

Six months in and I continue to feel energised and inspired. For me, the last few years have been turbulent. A new job represented a positive step in a new direction, but also a big risk. The risk was worth it: I love working with this team of curious, compassionate, and creative professionals, and I look forward to what the next six months brings.

“And you ask, ‘What if I fall?’ Oh, but my darling, ‘What if you fly?’ Erin Hanson


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