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A Year of Growth and Discovery at The Customer Closeness Company

As I reflect on my journey since joining The Customer Closeness Company (TCCC), I am struck by the relevance of the skills I gained prior to joining the business and the opportunities I’ve had to develop these skills further during my first year here.

Before joining TCCC, I studied Fine Art at Central Saint Martins and Goldsmiths University and then went on to complete a Healthcare & Design MRes at the Royal College of Art and Imperial College. Whilst perhaps not a typical route into this industry, it equipped me with creative, critical and analytical skills. The importance of slow learning and paying attention to the finer details was critical. 

My first step into the world of Consumer Insight was a role in recruitment and project management. This gave me a deep appreciation of the importance of respondent recruitment in ensuring high-quality research. The fast-paced environment required me to adapt rapidly and manage projects efficiently, ensuring that every detail was meticulously handled.

Since joining TCCC, I have had the opportunity to build on the detail focus required for successful consumer recruitment, and combine that with the creativity and slow thinking’ that underpinned my academic studies.

In my role as Consultant, the fast pace of our projects presents the opportunity on every project to expand my skill set - adding the creation of event materials, moderation and report writing to my existing recruitment and project management skills.

TCCC also values ‘slow thinking’, enabling me to employ the more reflective approach that my artistic background brings. Curiosity drives our work and we are all encouraged and empowered to weave curiosity into our project thinking and ways of working. This unique mix enables us to make a meaningful difference to our customers’ lives, by staying truly customer-centric in our approach and able to make lateral connections in our thinking. 

Working as part of a team that strives to achieve impact for our clients, while being driven by a genuine passion for understanding our customers is inspiring. I look forward to continuing this journey at TCCC and seeing where the path will take me!


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