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Entering the world of customer-centricity

Fresh out of university I knew I wanted a job that allowed me to exercise my creativity, curiosity and drive to help people. The Customer Closeness Company not only allows me to practise these but actively motivates and most importantly inspires me to do so.

The world of market research was one that was unknown to me but since joining TCCC I have learnt so much about this vast industry. I am grateful to have entered this space with a company fuelled by innovation, passion and a genuine hunger to put customer-centricity at the heart of every business. The drive within the company is contagious and I find myself seeking out new ways to become more connected to our clients and their customers in every aspect of my life. I have truly tapped into my curious nature and can’t wait to see how this translates within the different projects I work on.

During the first six months I have been exposed to a range of businesses which unlocks a new lease of excitement for every project. This renewed vigour for each project is something I believe we feel as a company and is what makes our agency so special. Each project presents new ways of working and fresh ideas from every team member are valued. A key moment for me in the last few months was during an event for a health and wellness company. The customers presented their answers to “If the brand was a celebrity personality who would they be?” to an audience of 60 senior staff. Each colleague shot up with eager eyes and an excited grin on their face, really absorbed in who the customers had chosen. The essence of the project was captured in that moment: fun for the customer, insightful for the client and magical to witness. Seeing this passion translate from the devising of the project to the clients during delivery has been a highlight of my first 6 months.

Thus far I have had the privilege to hear firsthand insight into customers’ lives and its influence on our clients’ decision making. A rewarding project with a care provider solidified for me the importance of the research we do when the client stated, “There is not one day that we do not use this research”.

From knowing nothing about the industry to knowing what I do now, I think customer-centricity is more important than it ever has been. With the turbulent world we currently live in, it has never been a more crucial time for businesses to get closer to their customers. TCCC are dedicated to guiding businesses through this journey and inject the customer voice into the everyday workings of businesses and I feel so privileged to play a part in this. Already I am starting to see the impact our work has had in finding that balance between commercial and customer and I can’t wait to see where this takes our clients in the future. 


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