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Wonder Women - Inspiring stories & Insightful interviews with women in marketing

We are super-proud that our colleague, Katy Mousinho, has been all over the marketing press lately with her thought-provoking book: WonderWomen, which she co-authored with Giles Lury. If you’re a ‘dipper-inner’ not a ‘cover-to-cover’ reader, here’s something just for you. We asked Katy which three pages of her own book she’d skip to for the juiciest gems… It’s a bit like asking a parent to choose their favourite child but Katy’s a sport and she indulged us…

1. 40 Inspiring Stories of women driving success in marketing (p. 89)

There’s an index so you can choose which ones interest you most. One of my favourites is called ‘Women can’t eat pretty pink headlines’ – it’s the story of Nathalie Molina Nino who founded BRAVA investments. She’s an amazing multi-talented woman who loves to challenge the status quo, so she decided to shake up the approach to investments. The twist was that she didn’t want BRAVA to limit its investments to female-owned businesses, instead she wanted her clear purpose to be around investing in high growth companies that benefit women.

2. Insightful Interviews with women in marketing (p158)

These include some well known names as well as women you will never have heard of. This is by design. We wanted to talk to a broad range of women to illustrate the changes over the decades – think Women’s Lib, Girl Power, #Activism. Edwina Dunn OBE is an entrepreneur in the field of data science and customer-centric business strategy. She tells a fascinating story of how she and her husband, Clive Humby, founded dunnhumby, the global leader in customer data science, which was central to the success of the Tesco Clubcard. During our interview we discussed her rise to success, the importance of company culture, knowing customers better than anyone else, how trying and failing is liberating, and why it’s OK for women to be ambitious.

3. Insights and thoughts on a brave new world (p. 286)

This section explores what it all means for the future. The world of branding is changing which presents a clear opportunity for women and for feminine characteristics to play a major role. Consumers are wanting and expecting MORE from brands – it’s the brands with a clear PURPOSE and PRINCIPLES that are succeeding in this difficult time. Feminine characteristics such as empathy, intuition, communication, collaboration, team building, are now seen as positive strengths and of real value in successful leadership.

Happy dipping-inning!


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