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Thank you Beeple for immortalising my brand baby

Those of us who have worked in branding will always have one brand that was our first love…the brand we cut our teeth on and therefore to some degree feel we own.

Mine was OceanSpray Cranberry Juice on which I played a tiny role in its shift from a drink that people with cystitis drank secretly (yes it does work as a cure!) to a fresh and vibrant drink and a great mixer for a cocktail… the Sea Breeze was born… I seem to remember the budget for creating the ads and the media was under £1m.

OceanSpray now towers above a city landscape in Beeple’s Everyday NFT (referencing a briefly viral TikTok) that went for a record breaking $69m! It’s just a reminder of how brand narrative creation and control has changed.

Go on indulge yourself and take a moment to remind yourself of your brand baby.


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