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We believe that successful companies are close to their customers. We love commercial and we love customer but most of all we love the sweet spot where value for both lies.

We believe that one of the most important elements to get right is the CUSTOMER IN THE PROCESS i.e. make sure everyone in the organisation is clear on the positive commercial impact of being customer-focused…and then encourage them to get on with making decisions that meet customers’ needs

The convenience retailer Seven-Eleven Japan has for years been a leader in this regard as this micro-case study shows:

One part-time worker single-handedly developed a customer experience that resulted in what may have been the best lunch sales day of the year. He was THOROUGHLY EDUCATED on Seven-Eleven’s systems and product offerings, FULLY KNOWLEDGEABLE of the customer segments in his store and their respective needs and EMPOWERED to run his department. When the weather one day suddenly switched from cool to hot, he made an early-morning decision to change lunch offerings for the local construction workers who patronized the store. He placed his order with the distribution centre and then arranged the products and displays to promote cold, refreshing food and drinks. By the end of the lunch period, everything had sold out at a great profit.

Is everyone in your organisation clear and signed up to the commercial benefit of being customer-focused? Does your culture encourage people to make decisions that create win:wins for the customer and the business?

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