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Focus on what your customers want, not what you sell

Flower retailer Bloom & Wild has decided to ditch the red roses this Valentine’s, despite the flower being symbolic of the day. This is a brave stance for a florist to make - buying red roses is a default for many customers and an easy purchase for the retailer to secure. So why would they commit to not selling any red roses?

Selling them is too easy, so easy it’s almost thoughtless. Their research suggests that rather than being a timeless classic the flower is actually perceived as a tired cliché with 79% of their customers surveyed saying they would prefer something more unique and thoughtful. By making a stand against red roses Bloom & Wild are saying ‘we understand lovers everywhere have moved on’ It says buying from us is a better, more contemporary choice’.

When brands own a moment with a bold statement, they can change customer behaviour - just look at how De Beers invented the diamond engagement ring changing proposals all over the world. Is this the end of red roses for Valentine’s? Which other moments are due a cliché-busting shake-up?


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