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Cuckoo – Disruption for the broadband market?

Over the past decade we’ve seen a shift towards SIM-only contracts and the emergence of an abundance of SIM-only MVNO’s such as Voxi, Smarty, Superdrug Mobile and GiffGaff.

These networks have been popular with consumers because they offer:

  • Simplicity – A few ‘curated’ plans to choose from

  • Flexibility – Freedom to change your package and handset or go elsewhere whenever

  • Value – as data has become more affordable those tied into 24+ month contracts have felt trapped. SIM-only flexibility means this can’t happen

With the example of the SIM-only market in mind, I was intrigued to see broadband provider Cuckoo launch onto the market recently

Cuckoo follows the same model as the SIM-only networks by offering one simple plan on a rolling monthly contract. They promise to ensure you are always on their best deal and won’t offer new customers a better plan.

While the flexibility of not being tied into a contract feels a no-brainer be for renters and students who move on from properties quickly, I’m curious to see if it will appeal to a broader market too. Will contract-free broadband disrupt the market and become consumers’ norm?


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