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COVID - The Mother of Invention and Adoption

Covid and lockdown has accelerated digital transformation by offering ways for us to see friends & family, get help, be entertained and buy food online, all while being safe. While some companies launched new virtual services, for others lockdown was the push needed to get consumers to change behaviours and try technology that already existed.

The crisis has brought forward the adoption of a wide range of technologies by ​2 years - According to Satya Nadella​ (Microsoft’s Chief Executive Officer)

Lockdown-driven digital adoption has highlighted how online can provide positive, new and exciting experiences at home. Here are a few great examples:

  • Digital augmenting the retail experience: During lockdown e-commerce rose, even in categories shoppers had previously been hesitant to buy online. Virtual assistance stepped in to help overcome concerns:

    • Dunelm launched virtual shopping assistants

    • John Lewis & Ikea began virtual home design services

    • John Lewis and ME&EM offer virtual style and skincare advice (bringing the expertise and experience which previously was the preserve of the department store experience to buying online)

  • Digital decreasing cost and increasing efficiency: The property market began virtual tours and GP’s began online consultations (something GPs and their patients have resisted for years). Both are here to stay because of the efficiencies they deliver

  • Digital as an experience: Airbnb Digital Experiences – A cross-functional team built and launched online experiences in 14 days which has earnt hosts over $10 million since launch

More than half who have booked Online Experiences say they would keep booking after lockdown​ (Airbnb)​

Lockdown has normalised the use of digital in new ways in everyday life. It’s here to stay so the question is ‘what can you digitalise to enhance your offer and how can you make it a fabulous experience?’


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