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Best in class for Customer Service

The latest UKCSI results are in and it’s great to see that Pets at Home have been crowned the best business for customer service – surging from seventh place to first place in the latest rankings this year.

We got our first puppy during lockdown - so I’m a fairly new but VERY regular customer to Pets at Home, Bagshot. Over the past 12 months, I have consistently experienced their commitment to customers first-hand and been wooed by their recognition that the way to my heart is how they treat my puppy, Nelly, who is greeted and fussed over whenever we visit!

It’s clear to see that pets are both their business and a passion for the staff who work there and it’s great to see a business bringing to life its values via its customer experience:

  • Taking pride in what they do: It’s notable that staff want to solve my problems but also take time to be friendly

  • Getting better every day: The business’ investment in training is obvious, as (almost) everyone I speak to is knowledgeable and able to give advice - but if they’re unsure they’ll check with another colleague who does know

  • Doing what they say they'll do: Staff are honest about what can be achieved… even when it’s not necessarily what I’d ideally like to hear. I’d rather wait a couple of extra days for a click & collect order than have a wasted visit to the store

In a challenging economy, strong service is an increasingly important battleground and a customer experience that brings the brand to life drives distinctiveness and differentiation. So, congratulations to Pets at Home for this achievement… Nelly and I look forward to our next visit very soon!

How is your brand delivering its brand values?


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