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We believe that successful companies are close to their customers. We love commercial and we love customer but most of all we love the sweet spot where value for both lies.

One of the most important elements to get right is LEARNING & DEVELOPMENT, putting the customer at the heart of your professional development strategy and content.

One example that impressed us recently was a Spanish energy company. Changes in industry regulation, the appearance of new competitors and innovations, and changes in consumer culture have forced utility companies across Europe to shift the way they interact with customers. Contact centre-focused innovation programmes were having marginal success. They soon realised CALL HANDLERS WERE THE TIP OF THE ICEBERG. They actually needed to effect a much wider CULTURAL SHIFT FROM PROCESS-CENTRIC TO CUSTOMER-CENTRIC.

Learning & Development was identified as a critical arm to help change the wider culture. They identified a number of specific training aims:

  • DEVELOP A COMMITMENT to the cultural change by incorporating consideration of customer experience more regularly in everyday processes

  • ENGAGE LEADERS AS AMBASSADORS of the company and its culture

  • ADOPT NEW TOOLS AND PRACTICES to enable the new culture

Two learning programmes were deployed:

Middle manager programme (2700 managers) A 1-day live classroom session, followed by 10-weeks of a virtual learning journey featuring PRACTICAL SCENARIOS and tasks to build confidence and competence in making customer-centric decisions

Leadership Programme (400 Directors) A 1-day session on CULTURAL LEADERSHIP and execution. At the heart of the experience was a leadership scenario simulation that enabled participants to practise how they should act

Results speak for themselves: NPS increased during year 1 from 3% to 23% and in year 2 from 23%-50%.

So how well does your organisation enable its employees to be customer-centric?

We provide capability training or help optimise eixsting training for many of our clients. As always we are happy to talk about how we might help you.

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