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Getting emotional gets you closer

Boots is getting closer to its beauty customers.

This year’s advert is not only emotional it’s also in line with Boots’ wider brand strategy focusing on how beauty makes you feel, not how it makes you look.

I loved the fact that Boots sent a sneak preview of their Christmas advert to their Advantage Card customers, telling them that Boots are the place not only to get gifts ‘for loved ones’ but also the place to get gifts that show ‘you get them’.

A great insight that, for parents at least (this advert did nothing for my teenage children!), the best Christmas presents aren’t the most expensive ones but are the ones that show that we are loved and appreciated.

It’s not necessarily tapping into a consumer reality, but it is tapping into a consumer wish – to be appreciated by those that we love. Most of the parents we talk to feel fairly unappreciated and all highly value those rare moments when a heart felt thank you made them feel that everything they do is worthwhile.

Well done Boots I think you might have stolen John Lewis’s emotional high ground this year.

Click here to watch – but get the tissues out first….

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