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Unlock business value by tapping Customers' passion for your brand

I’ll let you into my secret for keeping informed of the news

  1. The Week (genius publication that summarises all the news of the week from current affairs, financial news, arts. It even gets me reading about sport)

  2. Breakfast Briefings from The Market Mogul - a summary of ‘what you need to know in 3 minutes’. Every day it has brought me new challenging insights, often into industries that I know little about in a format that anyone can fit into their daily life

After 2 years The Market Mogul is evolving (I suspect so they can monetise their offer) but they have recognised that change may dilute value for their readers and their ability to hold true to their ideals. To avoid this they have developed a clear mission

[o]ur mission is to build a media company that gives every person on the planet with an informed perspective the place to voice it, free from editorial and political bias. Wouldn’t it be an amazing world where we could all read globalised expertise from local perspectives, and with it, change our view of the world, for the better.

They are working hard to keep their customers informed and involved about what and why they are changing which has made me feel like a partner on their journey.

Some of their strategies for doing this have been:

  • involving customers in Beta testing

  • sending out charmingly candid emails explaining their journey

  • running facilitated sessions every Tuesday and Thursday for 2 months in their offices to brainstorm and help test some of the features of their new product Mogul News throwing in dinner and a lively chat as an incentive. Such is the passion for the product over 200 people applied straightaway!

It’s a great example of a company recognising that change needs to be relevant and that there is power in getting close to your customers to keep true to your mission and shape innovation for maximum relevance and business success.

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