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Being Customer-centric means breaking industry conventions

I love it when a company just keeps breaking the rules to be customer-centric.

Well done to Revolut – the new entrant to banking which broke the rules by removing currency charges. Here’s how they break some rules in insurance:

1. GEOLOCATION DELIVERING TIMELY REMINDER – triggered by being at the airport I get a invitation to take travel insurance – perfect one more thing I don’t have to think about

2. TAILORED – offering a solution tailored to where I am going, so I don’t pay for what I don’t need but know that I am fully covered – no small print to read, they do that for me

3. FLEXIBLE – not only family insurance but I can easily add friends, partners, parents – I don’t have to be a typical family!

4. QUICK – a sign up called a ‘flow’ designed to make it take seconds – it event sounds appealing!

5. INTUITIVE - it can be set up so that it is gets triggered every time I go abroad – once set up, it’s done for life

6. SIMPLE - £1 per day or £30 for the year – Sometimes I’ll trade off value for simplicity

Great customer-centric communication, customer journey and language – well done Revolut!

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