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Creating a seamless integrated customer journey: a recent experience

Browsing online for a sofabed, I found one at DFS that seemed ideal in terms of dimensions and style but I just couldn’t make a decision about the fabric! Faced with the thought of having to track down the range at a (hopefully) nearby store, I nearly closed my laptop and gave up. Then I noticed ‘Click to view this product live with an in-store expert’. Before I knew it, I was chatting with Gemma at the DFS store 170 miles away in Doncaster. The fabulous Gemma acted as my in-store persona – giving the fabric swatches a good feel for comfort and durability on my behalf. (FYI – I could see Gemma, but she couldn’t see me), I was so satisfied I purchased online right away.

This is an area in which retailers can add step-change value – offering a truly integrated shopping experience. The trick is to really understand which problems you are trying to solve for your customers and offering solutions at the right stage of the journey, ideally in a way that makes them feel like proof points that bring your brand to life.


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