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Why I have joined The Customer Closeness Company

I started my career following a history degree developing a love of human stories and their power to shape an understanding of how we see, experience and learn. Fourteen years and four agency roles later, this is still true. Along the way I’ve learnt a whole dictionary of marketing branding strategy speak, but the insights that have the most impact are the ones which make us and the organisations for which we work understand the stories behind our customers’ lives.

In choosing my next challenge, I wanted to work somewhere that really focused on bringing the customer to life, linking customer insight and strong strategic thinking in a way that ultimately drives better customer experiences and stronger growth.

It’s a combination I have found at The Customer Closeness Company.

So, what makes The Customer Closeness Company different to where I have worked before?

  • Passion for embedding insights into businesses with the stories we tell, making sure we always have maximum impact

  • Taking a holistic view of our clients’ challenges so they can adopt truly customer-centric strategies for business advantage

  • Expertise in improving a company’s internal culture through immersive closeness (from shop floor to boardroom), anchoring the customer at the centre of businesses in a way that drives change at speed

In a commercial world that is increasingly driven by data, consumer industries still need to connect with customers emotionally. The ability to craft and communicate stories about today to help our clients shape their tomorrow, will remain business critical. And it’s only through a true understanding, indeed true closeness, that this can be achieved.

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