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Let customers know they made a difference

I’ve irregularly given blood for the past 15 years – if I’m honest, mostly when it was convenient for me. Last year I started donating again after a long hiatus and it struck me how friendly the nurses were, how clearly the process was explained and how appreciated they made me.

After donating, I discovered the NHS blood donation service lets donors know their impact by sending them a text message after every donation letting them know where and when their blood or platelets have been used. This simple confirmation plays an important role in turning their donation from a standalone act into an act that made a difference. It encourages donors to return and ensures they feel good about the role they played.

Personally, I have found myself going from 15 years of incredibly sporadic donations to donating platelets every single month. It has become my routine because I know it’s worth me making the time, because I make a difference.

Do you tell the customers who give their views to your insight efforts the impact they’ve had?

Closing the loop could make a meaningful connection that will not only drive future engagement but also build brand affiliation.

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