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We believe that successful companies are close to their customers. We love commercial and we love customer but most of all we love the sweetspot where value for both lies.

One of the most important elements to get right is an EMBEDDED CUSTOMER JOURNEY which creates a clear, single view amongst employees of the customer experience you are trying to achieve and where you can add most value.

Argos invests in making sure its customer journey is INTEGRATED across every aspect of the business in order to provide the level of CONSISTENCY that consumers have come to expect REGARDLESS OF CHANNEL they choose. It does this by using MOMENTOLOGY – the study of consumers and the digital media they use and engage with throughout the purchase funnel. They use the insights gained to deliver better, easier experiences for consumers throughout THE ENTIRE ONLINE purchase journey. Argos have recognized that for most of the journey they need to feel so SEAMLESS THAT THEY ARE ALMOST INVISIBLE which makes differentiation in the customer journey difficult.

However they have also learned that delivery can create an exceptional customer experience that BUILDS LOYALTY and INSPIRES users to purchase again. As a result, beyond click and collect, they offer ‘Fast Track’ which allows customers to pick up items on the same day (from an Argos or a Sainsbury’s), as well as get same-day delivery on home orders placed before 6pm.

One of the things Argos does particularly well to BUILD LOYALTY is recognise that customers don’t want to be RESTRICTED by the way a retailer may want to serve them. They give customers the FREEDOM and choice to choose where and how they receive their items at their own convenience. The demand for this kind of service is evident. Retail Week says that Argos generates half of its sales online, yet three quarters of those online orders are still collected in its stores – often customers want the convenience of shopping online but not the inconvenience of home delivery.

How well does your organisation understand and prioritise the moments in the CUSTOMER JOURNEY that have greatest potential for customer-centric growth?

As always we are happy to talk about how this might help you.

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