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Vision in action

For vision and values to drive how a business acts, senior management needs to commit to bring them life in every aspect of the business.

Over the last two years we have worked with Taylor Wimpey to develop a purpose, vison and values that will create greater cohesion across the organisation and thus drive future success. The process, which involved stakeholders across the business, was designed to build heavily on the existing rich DNA of the organisation while also considering the direction of travel that customers, employees and corporate stakeholders wanted from the business in the future.

On a recent visit to their refurbished offices it was great to see their new vision in action in both the way that the new head office had been designed (open plan with a plethora of creative meeting places to promote the key value of working together) but also in the way the vision and values has been communicated in the look and feel of the office refurbishment. Here are some great examples of how they have baked the vision and values into the office environment…

The vision prominently displayed in murals.

The values bought to life in the creative naming and messaging of meeting rooms. Each room’s design not only serving to remind of the value but also to help you understand how the organisation intends the value to be interpreted.

And all around the site there are inspiring quotes that bring the values to life

How well this is working was reinforced by a walk past someone’s desk where I saw the vision and values pinned up on the desk in line of sight – clearly being referred to and used to drive ways of working.

Vision and values - they need to become part of the fabric of where you do business to drive how you do business

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