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The ambition of the luxurious Royal Mansour Hotel in Marrakech is to be the number 1 hotel in the world. It’s frequented by the global political and showbiz elite who pay up to £35,000 per night for quality service. Yet the lives of the hotel staff who deliver this service are in stark contrast to their guests and the environment in which they work. Many live in the Atlas Mountains in extremely modest homes with their hotel salary providing for a large extended family… so how do staff working in an international superhotel learn to deliver exceptional service?

As part of their induction, employees are gifted an overnight stay in the hotel. The aim is to allow them to enjoy the guest experience and by putting themselves in their customers’ shoes, they learn to serve by being served.

Clients often ask how they can better understand their customers’ experience. The first step is often simple and requires no investment… simply switch positions and put yourself in your customers' shoes! Visit your website, use your app, browse your stores, buy your products, subscribe to your services, call your call centre, use your webchat, cancel an order, return your purchase… Involve yourself in as much of the customer experience as possible and get it in the raw. Then while you’re on a roll, do the same for your competitors too. Find out what you’ve cracked and they haven’t; where they make you look weak; what everyone’s struggling with.

By learning to serve by being served, you’ll discover things you’re good at and things that need to change. With your first-hand experiences backed up by the data, you’ll be the most persuasive person in the room.

For more ideas on how you and your teams can be more customer-centric in 2020, get in touch.

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