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1: Customer-Centric Technology: The Power of Personalisation

At the The Customer Closeness Company we are intrigued by new and exciting technologies especially when they champion customer needs so we thought we’d write a blog series on how different companies are using technology to be more Customer-Centric. Here’s the first. Hope you enjoy it!

In our conversations with consumers, we constantly hear not only a growing demand for personalisation but an expectation of it. In exchange for having their data collected by companies, they want companies to use it in an intelligent, practical way. One of the most impactful ways to do this is to create a personalised service. Consumers want personal recommendations, offers, updates, great customer service and fun – they want to feel unique; they don’t want to feel like everyone else.

This is particularly important when it comes to the instant communication apps have with customers. The directness of apps means that when a company sends a notification that isn’t relevant, it quickly moves the app from being valued to being a nuisance and can lose its right to a place on a home screen.

So how are companies using technology to create personal experiences?

Monzo has joined forces with IFTTT (If This, Then That) to create Applets – an "Applet" is a rule you create by combining two services together. Monzo is using Applets in myriad ways from gimmicky fun to genuine ways to save money. Whilst they’ve =created a series of applets themselves, they are only suggestions. Customers have the freedom to make their own applets too. Some examples of Applets using Monzo:

  • “When I purchase coffee… remind me to drink water one hour later" (Monzo+notifications)

  • “When I go to the gym… reward me by moving money into my daily spending" (Googlemaps+Monzo)

  • “When I cycle… move 1p for every kilometre I cycle into my savings account" (Strava+Monzo)

  • “When Monzo has an update… send me an email with a link" (Monzo+Gmail/Outlook)

  • “When I get paid… play Abba’s Money, Money, Money on Alexa" (Monzo+Alexa)

The power of this personalisation is that not only does it give customers the choice to opt in to relevant services and communications – but it has the potential to change the relationship people traditionally have had with their bank. Rather than being a source of dread, communication feels more fun, more helpful and more relevant. It represents positive, personal communication and the foundation of a better relationship with customers and stronger brand loyalty.

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